General Rules

"Attacker" and "Defender"

The scenarios designate one kindred to be the Attacker, and one to be the Defender. These terms refer to the role played by the Kindred in the campaign: the Attacker is the one invading the Defender's territory!

In a game, one kindred must be designated as the Attacker, and one as the Defender. You and your opponent may determine this by talking about it, or by rolling a die. Note, though, that once the Attacker and Defender are determined, you shouldn't change which is which!

If you roll to determine who the Attacker and Defender are, the player who rolls the highest gets to be the Attacker. The following modifiers apply to the roll:

Winners and Losers

Kjartan charges ahead for the Norse

If playing a campaign against a recurring opponent, the Winner and Loser of the previous game will obviously be the player who won or lost the previous game. If playing a campaign game as a pick-up game, the three highest scoring kindreds of the previous round will be noted on the scenario sheet as having won that round of the campaign, and will have a benefit going into the game.

If you are playing a one-off game, or this game is your first game of the campaign, and neither kindred is noted as one of the winners, the winner bonus will not apply to either kindred.